The Conscious Teacher’s Toolbox: Light

Stepping into a conscious awareness of what is happening in your classroom, and of how your choices impact your comfort and the comfort of your students, makes you a more effective teacher. One tool that you might want to consider as you examine your beliefs and decisions is the tool of light.

Light has two facets. The first is the physical light in your teaching space. Is your classroom too bright, too dim, or just right? Is the lighting artificial, fluorescent, or soft lamplight? You might want to notice or remember what kinds of lighting you find around you as you go through your week. Restaurants, libraries, movie theatres, bathrooms: many kinds of light for many purposes. How do you react to each of these kinds of light?

I find my students to be extremely sensitive to lighting. Often, they prefer to have the overhead fluorescent lights turned off, and to be surrounded by natural light and lamplight. For some students, however, this is not enough light, and they ask to have the overhead lights turned back on.

In addition to exploring physical lighting, you may want to connect with the spiritĀ light inside each one of your students. How does what and how you teach enhance the light that shines within each child, or detract from it? Do you consider the light of Spirit inside your students to be part of what you touch and teach in your classroom?

About Alix Moore

Alix Moore is a writer, speaker , and teacher who is passionate about the joyful transformation of the planet. Although there may be birthing pains, she knows that the future is bright. To that end, she teaches others to hear and honor their inner wisdom. Her workshops are both inspirational and practical, offering effective methods of self-empowerment, meditation, creativity, and joyful living. Alix is the author of a number of books on writing, teaching, and spiritual growth. Her latest, River of Light, Joyous Cocreation with Earth and Spirit, is due out in February, 2015. When not writing or presenting workshops, Alix can be found raising chickens, training cows , or harvesting vegetables on her organic farm, in Clarksburg, MD.
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2 Responses to The Conscious Teacher’s Toolbox: Light

  1. Recently, I had a substitute and my students told me something very interesting upon my return. They hated how he changed the lighting! Normally, I don’t turn on all the lights in my classroom – the fluorescence is so bright and overwhelming when both switches are flipped. With only half the lights on, things are a little softer and more comfortable. Initially, I did it for myself but it has turned into a critical element of my classroom environment.

  2. Alix Moore says:

    That’s a great story!

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