Soul’s Light Throws No Shadows

Children offer lots of behavior. Depending upon our culture and our personality, some of this behavior gets labeled ‘bad’ and some of it gets praised. But when we step out of our unconscious reaction to whatever the child just did that pushed our last button, it is possible to see that all s/he is doing is working through what they came here to learn. Life is the ultimate conscious classroom, if we choose to be awake.

From a place of higher awareness, even my bully girl can be observed dispassionately. I don’t know what spirit lesson she is working on, it’s not my place to look unless I am asked. But I do know that the parents she has, and the challenges she is experiencing, are simply her classroom of the soul–the real lessons she has come here to learn. Next to the lessons of the soul, reading, ‘riting and ‘rithmatic seem inconsequential.

And from this soul’s-eye view, with the child’s journey spread out before us as it runs through this lifetime and others, shame and punishment seem to be unnecessary, irrelevant, anachronistic. My bully girl (see The Heart of a Bully) is not a bad child. She’s just, like all of us, here to learn. Her spirit shines just as bright as mine and yours. I only hope that she can hear herself know that.

About Alix Moore

Alix Moore is a writer, speaker , and teacher who is passionate about the joyful transformation of the planet. Although there may be birthing pains, she knows that the future is bright. To that end, she teaches others to hear and honor their inner wisdom. Her workshops are both inspirational and practical, offering effective methods of self-empowerment, meditation, creativity, and joyful living. Alix is the author of a number of books on writing, teaching, and spiritual growth. Her latest, River of Light, Joyous Cocreation with Earth and Spirit, is due out in February, 2015. When not writing or presenting workshops, Alix can be found raising chickens, training cows , or harvesting vegetables on her organic farm, in Clarksburg, MD.
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4 Responses to Soul’s Light Throws No Shadows

  1. I’m always shocked when I hear one of my students was “bad” in someone else’s classroom. I don’t have discipline issues even with a classroom full of 40 (yes, you read that number correctly) high school sophomores. My room has a positive vibe to it because I’m a positive person who believes its part of my job as a teacher to allow every student to have at least 53 good minutes each day. There is no yelling because there doesn’t need to be. There are no referrals to the principal because no one wants to harsh the vibe. It’s amazing how laughter, thank you’s, and simple kindness can mellow even the most jaded teenager. :-)

  2. Alix Moore says:

    Dear C.B.,
    You sound like you are truly a conscious teacher! If you would be interested in sharing your teaching wisdom, I’d love for you to write a post for The Conscious Classroom. Feel free to email me with any questions or with your post, and we’ll link it back to your blog. I am having growing pains as I try to figure out google apps, so for now, email me at alix (at) tappingthewellwithin (dot) com
    (which is my other blog)
    Blessings on your path, as you bless those whom you teach,

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