Schools Teach Not Soul (1)

It’s August: time for crickets, goldenrod, and golden school buses. Schools are starting all over the country: last week, next week, two weeks from now. As I prepare for my new year, I have some old questions.  I wonder: How did schools get to be the way they are?  In what ways do they serve their students, and in what ways do they need to change? How do teachers need to change? What do we need to remember? To learn?

Schools Teach Not Soul (1)


Schools teach convention,

Not soul.

Small walls,

Straight rows

Open thinking in only a few directions.


Classrooms inculcate new citizens





No wonder the feet fidget freedom

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About Alix Moore

I am here in this lifetime to be the change: to be part of the journey from violence to consciousness, from struggle to sufficiency, from stress to joy. I am nowhere near perfect, but I am utterly divine. You are, too. How may I help?
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